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Volunteers are an extremely important part of Art in Clay and help the Show Manager by ensuring that on the Friday, Saturday & Sunday of the show there is support given in the relevant areas.

Volunteering at Art in Clay is a great way for up and coming potters  and those with an interest in ceramics to become immersed in a unique and creative world. Its also a great opportunity to see first hand what it is like exhibiting at a renowned ceramic show.

What is expected from Volunteers

Before the show opens to the public all volunteers will attend a briefing session and receive any necessary training for the relevant tasks.

The volunteers briefing will be given by the Helpers Manager on Thursday at 4pm. For those that aren’t camping there will be an additional induction on Friday morning at 9am.

Volunteers will not be able to work unless they have attended a briefing which will include information on Manual Handling in line with HSE guidelines.

At the volunteers briefing a show programme, a t-shirt, hat (if needed) and a daily lunch voucher will be provided.

All decisions on the site must go through the Helpers Manager or Hannah (Show Director) who will log any decisions made.

Examples of tasks at the show include:

  • Assisting exhibitors – allowing them to take breaks etc
  • Helping in the Talk/Demo marquee
  • Assisting visitors in the Clay Creation Zone
  • Helping visitors where necessary

How to apply to volunteer

If you would like to apply to volunteer at Art in Clay please fill out the below form.

  • Your Contact Details

  • Volunteering Information

  • Click on the relevant dates below:
  • All volunteers will be expected to assist with a variety of tasks during the show that may involved lifting, carrying and dealing with the public. Please le us know if you have an issue with any of these tasks. We will provide an induction and specific H&S training that may be required for certain tasks. Please let us know if you have any of the following qualifications or trainings by checking the relevant boxes below:
  • If you have checked any of the above boxes could you give further details on your qualifications and training:
  • Additional Requirements

    Please state below the number of tables and/or chairs you'll require and if you'll need an electricity supply.
  • Please let us know if you require a camping space and for how many nights
  • If you said yes to camping, please let us know how many nights (Thurs - Mon).
    Price: £ 0.00
  • Please let us know if there is anything that you have a particular interest in and would be keen to have as a task during the show and also if there is any other information that we should be made aware of e.g. back injuries etc. Or if you have any other concerns about your capabilities or any medical issues please let us know below:
  • Submit your application

    By clicking submit you are declaring that all of the informaiton provided in this form is accurate. upplied in this formWe will be in touch as soon as possible to let you know if your application to volunteer at the show has been successful.