Exhibitor Awards

We have three awards at Art in Clay, two are given annually (The Valentine Clays Peers Award and The Potclays Student Award) and the other, The Mick Casson Award, is given every other year.

The Studio Pottery Award ran from 2006 until 2012.

Past Winners – Valentine Clays Peers Award

Past Winners – Valentine Clays Peers Award


Past Winners – Student Award

Past Winners –¬†Student Award


Past Winners – Mick Casson Award

Past Winners – Mick Casson Award


Valentine Clays Peers Award

The Valentine Clays Peers Award is voted for each year by the exhibitors for the best contribution to the show. The winner receieves a free stand the following year and a piece of work made by the previous year’s winner.

The award is sponsored by Valentine Clays.

Student Award

The Student Award was sponsored by The Craftsman Magazine, (now called Craft & Design Magazine) until 2008, then by Art in Clay until 2011 and is currently sponsored by Potclays. The winner receives a free stand at the following Art in Clay Hatfield.

Mick Casson Award

After Mick Casson died in 2003, we wanted to do something to recognise Mick’s contribution to pottery and ceramics. He was truly a giving person and to help keep his memory alive we decided uopn a biennial award given for outstanding contribution to pottery and ceramics.

This award is normally selected by Andy McInnes, except in 2010, when Steve Harrison asked if he could select that year. Steve selected Andy – he was very reluctant to accept the award and was quite emotional that Steve should have chosen him – and very surprised!!

Each award is made by Steve Harrison and given in a wooden presentation box made by Mick’s son (and talented bespoke furniture maker), Ben Casson.