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Exhibitor Awards

Our Exhibitor Awards are an important part of the show and help to recognise those within our ceramic community that are inspiring others.

We have four awards at Art in Clay, three are given annually (The Valentine Clays Peers Award, The Potclays Student Award & The People’s Choice Award) and the other, The Mick Casson Award, is given every other year.

The Studio Pottery Award ran from 2006 until 2012.

People’s Choice Award

We need our visitor’s help to choose who they believe is the most inspiring ceramic artist at our show. So during the weekend visitors will have an opportunity to vote for the Peoples Choice Award which will be announced at 4pm on the Sunday.

At the main entrance their will be the outdoor exhibitor display area where exhibitors will have submitted a piece of work to be included in the vote, we will then ask visitors to cast their digital vote.

The winner will receive a FREE stand at next year’s show.

Valentine Clays Peers Award

The Valentine Clays Peers Award is voted for each year by the exhibitors for the best contribution to the show. The winner receieves a free stand the following year and a piece of work made by the previous year’s winner.

The award is sponsored by Valentine Clays.

Student Award

The Student Award was sponsored by The Craftsman Magazine, (now called Craft & Design Magazine) until 2008, then by Art in Clay until 2011 and is currently sponsored by Potclays. The winner receives a free stand at the following Art in Clay Hatfield.

Mick Casson Award

After Mick Casson died in 2003, Andy & Di McInnes wanted to do something to recognise Mick’s contribution to pottery and ceramics, to help keep his memory alive they decided upon a biennial award given for outstanding contribution to pottery and ceramics.

This award is selected by Andy McInnes, except in 2010, when Steve Harrison selected Andy!!

Each award is made by Steve Harrison and given in a wooden presentation box made by Mick’s son (and talented bespoke furniture maker), Ben Casson.

Past Winners – Valentine Clays Peers Award

Past Winners – Valentine Clays Peers Award:

2021 – Kate Windibank
2019 – Lisa Biris
2018 – Amberlea McNaught
2017 – Svend Bayer
2016 – Jin Eui Kim
2015 – Nic Collins
2014 – Suzanne Luckas-Ringel
2013 – Richard Godfrey
2012 – Matthew Blakely
2011 – Helene Lathoumetie France
2010 – Michel Cohen France
2009 – John Higgins UK
2008 – Toon Thijs Netherlands
2007 – Emillie Biarnes Spain
2006 – Linda de Nil Belgium
2005 – Emma Rodgers UK
2004 – Nic Collins UK
2003 – Lisa Hammond UK
2002 – Ashraf Hanna Egypt
2001 – Tjok Dessauvage Belgium
2000 – Svend Bayer UK
1999 – Nic Collins UK
1998 – Robin Welch UK
1997 – Ashley Howard UK
1996 – Peter Hayes UK
1995 – Wolverhampton University UK

Past Winners – Student Award

Past Winners – Student Award

2021 – Emma Westmacott – Staffordshire University
2019 – Jemma Gowland – City Lit.
2018 – Joseph Frowen – Carmarthen School of Art
2017 – Jacob Chan – Carmarthen School of Art
2016 – To celebrate the Olympics 3 medal awards were given:

  • GOLD – Florencety Fung – Cardiff school of art & Design
  • SILVER – Jessica Sian Moulsher – Nottingham Trent Uni.
  • BRONZE – Zak Holden – Brighton Uni.

2015 Souzana Petri – Uni. of Brighton
2014 Brydee Gillbard – Uni. of Wolverhampton
2013 Mary Jones – Cardiff Metropolitan Uni,
2012 Joanne Barlow – Uni. of Cardiff, Wales
2011 Lawrence Epps – Uni. of Westminster
2010 Alex McCarthy – Uni. of Cardiff, Wales
2009 Barry Stedman – Uni. of Westminster & Matthew David Marsh – Uni. of Wolverhampton
2008 Megan Collins – Loughborough Uni.
2007 Kerry Williamson – Uni. of Wolverhampton
2006 Becky Harle – Uni. of Westminster
2005 Kushi Grazzini – Uni. of Wolverhampton
2004 Martin Counsel – Uni. of Westminster
2003 Frauke Fege – Uni. of Wolverhampton
2002 Amy Cooper – Uni. of Wolverhampton
2001 Matthew Thompson – Uni. of Wales Cardiff, Wales
2000 Dawn Kyra Harbord – Uni. of Wales Cardiff, Wales
1999 Mirka Golden Hann – Uni. of Westminster
1998 Ros Ingram – Uni. of Wolverhampton
1997 Tim Balogan – Bretton Hall College

Past Winners – Mick Casson Award

Past Winners – Mick Casson Award:

2021 – Matt Cox

2018 – Kevin Millward

2016 – Andrew Proctor, Relationship Manager, Visual Arts for Arts Council England South West

2014 – Alan Ault, Valentine Clays Ltd

2013 – Robin Welch

2011 – John Bedding

2010 – Andy McInnes

2008 – Christine and Geoff Cox

2006 – Toon Thijs

2004 – Mandy Parslow

Past Winners – The Studio Pottery Award

David & Margaret Frith were the final winners of The Studio Pottery Award. It seems appropriate that they received this award just 1 year ahead of their 50th Anniversary Year of Brookhouse Pottery.

The winners: –

2012 – David & Margaret Frith

2011 – Richard Godfrey

2010 – Barry Guppy

2009 – Eddie Curtis

2008 – Chris Lewis

2007 – Geoffrey Swindell

2006 – Deidre Burnett

The Studio Pottery Award ran from 2006 until 2012. The winner received a framed certificate and a Free stand at the following year’s Art in Clay Hatfield.