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A and E Ceramics

A and E Ceramics

A and E Ceramics is a ceramic studio founded by Allen Richards and Emily Waugh as a collaborative undertaking having both studied their degrees in ceramics at the University of Wolverhampton.

Their work is currently available to be seen and purchased at www.pottersbristol.com

“We make a range of work; primarily wheel thrown porcelain flambé and lustre ware, created collaboratively in an aim to create a dialogue between our two contrasting styles.

I’m drawn especially to free form flowing and spiraling slipped surfaces, inspired by Japan and the tea ceremony. This meets the ridges, chuttered textures and precise geometric construction which Allen creates – inspired by the Gothic architecture of medieval cathedrals.  It’s the meeting point of two very different spiritualities!

The work is decorated with a mixture of brightly coloured local reduction, lustre, and special effects glazes. We are committed to ceramic research and discovery!”

– Emily


  • Date 26th May 2017
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