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Linda Caswell

Linda Caswell

My work explores the use of colour in the clay itself and not as surface decoration. Simplicity of form is pre-eminent, but the form itself varies: ceramic pieces such as bowls, dishes and towers, but also jewellery, buttons, windchime mobiles, and even dolls’ house scale miniatures.

My porcelain agateware is a contemporary use of a traditional technique. Instead of mixing clays of differing colours, I work in porcelain alone: colouring some and then mixing the colours to create my patterns.

I enjoy this combination of part control and part happenstance. I decide the colours, the quantity of colour, and create the patterning, but then a random element takes over – beyond my control.

The work is made in a series, but no two pieces will be identical. Only the rims are glazed. Once-fired in an electric kiln.

  • Date 3rd May 2017
  • Tags 2017 Exhibitors