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Jennie Hale

Jennie Hale

Since Childhood a fascination for the natural world has lead me to explore wild places, so that I may find and be close to wild creatures. I have always wanted to capture some essence of their lives in some way and while still at school and at art college I would make drawings and paintings of the flora and fauna that intrigued me, these would feed my ceramics.
When Andrew Osborne and I, where offered the chance of setting up a pottery in a isolated farmstead in a beautiful wooded valley, a wonderful opportunity arose, where I could live and work close to nature, my landlord allows me the run of his land and over the years other land owners have allowed me the freedom of their land, where I might draw , seek out moments that I may capture in words or paint. Now each day I go out early to walk the land that informs my work, I carry with me the tools I need to make drawings or just watch the goings on of the forest.


  • Date 25th May 2017
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