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Charlotte Manser

Charlotte Manser

My work examines the effect of time and movement on our landscape, specifically the evolution of the coastline.

Large scale fragmented sculptures are informed by objects collected from the shore; objects altered and shaped by their journey across the sea.Through these fragments can be found an intriguing sense of both, history and future.

The sculpted forms explore this constant change of the liminal space, which is the edge of land. It celebrates the relationship between micro and macro and how everything is in someway linked.

Making the unnoticed visible, and expressing the extraordinary nature of the earth is the aim of my work, through the examination of the coastline and through the idea of fragmentation and giving the broken a new life.

The balance of the objects captures a moment in time, a unique moment that cannot be recreated. This contrasts the ever-changing shoreline with the frozen, visually encapsulating sculptures.