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Nordic Tent / Cultural Connections

Nordic Tent / Cultural Connections


(Birthe N. Fraser)

Last year THE NORDIC TENT celebrated the 100thAnniversary of the influential 20thCentury Grande Dame of Danish Ceramics GUTTE ERIKSEN (1918-2018) and her influence both on her immediate contemporaries through her teachings at the Jydske Akademi such as Inger Rokkjaer/Hans Vangsoe/Anne Floeche a.o. as well as into the 21stcentury, but also through her widespread international exhibitions in Japan, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Holland and notably in the USA, where she taught for more than a year.

Her work is likewise to be found in most of the leading collections and museums including the V & A, but now also in the British Museum, where from the Autumn this year (2019) a selected  Collection of her work can be seen in room 48 in the British Museum to be included in the permanent  British Museum collections, donated by  a group of Danes including her family in appreciation & paying homage  to an outstanding and influential Danish ceramicist of the 20thcentury. Several of her works will be exhibited in THE NORDIC TENT as will examples of INGER ROKKJAER ,HANS VANGSOE AND ANNE FLOECHE works.

This year’s other exhibiting  ceramicists will be DORTE VISBY with a stunning new collection of saggar-fired lidded jars mirroring the natural landscape of her immediate surroundings as well as other new work. DORTE has over the many years exhibiting with CULTURAL CONNECTIONS CC both at ARTINCLAY,COLLECT, Barn Galleries/ Artspace/ Hawker Gallery, as well as THE USA ( SOFA, New York and Chicago)  and Germany built up a wide circle of followers  and collectors.

Another longstanding exhibitor is AILA SIMPSON who with her colourful expressive functional ware, and also her studio ware with interesting unusual main theme,i.e. (The mad hatters tea party) and new  and innovative shapes in goblets and vases has a wide following.

Returning again this year is ASGER KRISTENSEN  with his beautiful volcanic glazes applied to a classic cylinder form so admired last year and with a new grant to his name to study development of Japanese glazes next year in Japan.  Furthermore this year we have a new exhibitor to ARTINCLAY INGA VESTERGAARD SOERENSEN  exhibiting her truly amazing bird sculptures, one called THE BALANCING ACT .Inga has exhibited with Cultural Connections CC previously at the Barn Galleries.

Another newcomer is BENTE BROESBOEL HANSEN  with a body of work in the form of vases and large bowls thrown with a precision and decorated in the same mould that is astonishing, looking at one of her vases makes you think of trompe l’oeil .

There will also as always in the NORDIC TENT be examples of work by 20thcentury  defining as well as 21stcontemporary ceramicists.

Another new exhibitor joins the NORDIC TENT this year  HANNE BERTELSEN. Hanne’s beautiful innovative everyday ware in porcelain – surfaces inspired both by botanical and ‘creature’ surfaces and forms  like the sea anemones  as well as large sculptural vases in stoneware.

And last but not least, YUTA SEGAWA,is returning  as GUEST OF THE DANISH 2019. He was

our  guest in 2017 to such great acclaim . His elegant paired down miniature and other forms in vases very much compliment the Nordic ethos in forms and surfaces.