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Potterycrafts are the largest UK manufacturer of Pottery kilns. Our expansive range of raw materials, clays, in house produced glazes and equipment can be supplied for all your pottery needs. Potterycrafts are also the exclusive UK distributor for the world leading Amaco product ranges and the Cowley Double Drive Wheels.

Potterycrafts build and supply an expansive range of top loaders, front loaders for electric kiln firing as well as our popular Roderveld and Laser gas kilns for the craft, studios and education sector. What’s more, strict control of costs and efficiency in production has enabled us to maintain competitive prices – and of course they are made in the heart of the Potteries.

Potterycrafts welcomed Alec Tiranti, to the Potterycrafts business group in 2021. Alec Tiranti is a Leading UK manufacturer and supplier of Sculptors’ Tools, Materials and Studio Equipment, for Carving, Modelling, Mould making, Casting & Restoration. Alec Tiranti will continue to provide its existing product base and support customers’ existing and new. Dedicated to supplying sculptors worldwide since 1895.

The team at Potterycrafts look forward to seeing our customers at Art in Clay Windsor 2022.