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Marieke Ringel

Marieke Ringel

Animals have always been the main source of inspiration for my work. The differing ways that humans relate to animals are of particular interest to me. I want to make those relationships apparent in my work. Rather than introducing a human figure to the form of the animal, I prefer to imply more subtle human association; in this case a box made of clay, thin, almost like cardboard, evoking the association of something human made. As well as providing a human context from which to view the animal, the box helps to focus the observers attention. It is almost like a picture frame. It creates a space, a space to connect with the animal; a space to dissolve the boundaries made by lack of knowledge. This body of work led me to explore in depth the human animal studies, a subject that has evolved massively in the past 40 years. Throughout history, we have used animals as metaphors. Animals act as mediators for unconscious processes or to represent emotions; a yearning for nature, fierceness and freedom. Upon gazing at the form, my hope is that the viewer will experience feelings and/or emotions that are offered by the animal form, when in fact, the viewers response is prompted by, and then projected upon the animal. My hope is that this experience will cause the viewer to consciously contemplate the relatedness between humans and animals. I choose materials that guarantee a high degree of consistency and stability. Clay unites the spontaneity and preservation of the gesture that is inscribed in the piece.
Clay enables me to work intuitively. The process of making is very important, I am entirely with my sculptures, I get in touch. I find it the perfect medium.

  • Date 26th May 2017
  • Tags 2017 Exhibitors