Talks and Demos

Our Talks and Demos take place in The Richard Godfrey marquee. There is always great demand so seating is available on a first come first served basis.

Friday, 16th August 2019

Doug Fitch & Hannah McAndrew

The different approaches to decoration and how we live our lives within this world of clay

Doug will show how he decorates a raw pot with his appliqué technique and Hannah will slip trail a charger. During this they will talk about our different approaches to decoration and how they live their lives within this world of clay.

Svend Bayer


Svend will discuss in detail his experience building kilns

John Wheeldon

Changing direction

2019 marks 50 years since John became a potter, over these years his work has changed direction several times – often seemingly abruptly. John will discuss what influenced the change of direction over his career and how he believes it has been a benefit to the development of his work during this time.

James Oughtibridge

“My clay journey: developing large scale work”

James will discuss how he had a huge admiration for ceramicists who mangaged to turn their crafts into businesses. James will share his ups and downs of his journey and how he made his dreams into a reality.

Saturday, 17th August 2019

Niek Hoogland

Slipware throwing and decorating

Niek will demonstrate a large variety of slipware decorating possibilities including slip-trailing, a number of brushed slip decoration possibilities, fingerwiping through slips, and a variety of sgraffito possibilities.

Jennie Hale

East Colliford Pottery from scratch

Jennie will discuss how she made the East Colliford Pottery from scratch, by building a purpose built building and finding suitable supplies for the workshop.

Ashraf Hanna

‘Line, form & material’

Ashraf Hanna will be talking about his career to date and his interest in exploring other materials and how that influences and informs design aesthetics.

Jin Eui Kim

The Development of Tonal Clays and Techniques towards new artworks

Jin will discuss the project that was to develop new techniques to create artworks which have the potential to influence the viewer’s perception in three-dimensional and two-dimensional artworks. New clay bodies capable of keeping a vast tonal range of whites through to black has been created. Hand-building technique as well as experiments with handling and manipulating the clay body was developed to create new artworks.

Jill Ford

Last Great Wilderness

Jill will discuss being out in the landscape in all seasons, feeling the ache in the legs climbing munroes, sitting sketching and taking photographs enabled her to get a feel for the glorious landscape – the Last Great Wilderness.

Sunday, 18th August 2019

Philip Hardaker

45 years in Clay

Phil will discuss the celebration of clay in our city and the unique heritage and history of this relationship, as well as showing his work through the years. Phil became a full time practitioner and artist doing many public commissions, and community projects working with approx 50,000 people.

Suzanne Lukacs-Ringel

About my ” Artist in Residence” in Oktober 2018 in China Shangyu Celadon-Modern International Ceramic Center

Suzanne will discuss her exciting experience in China’s  Shangyu Celadon-Modern Internation Ceramic Center in October 2018. She will also demo how to throw a porcelain bottle.

Markus Bohm

The Making of the Maker

Markus will discuss how we are influenced as potters by our teachers, tools and materials and about the way he learnt the craft and how he re-learnt it some decades later under different circumstances.

Jonathan Chiswell Jones

Making reduction fired lustreware

Jonathan will discuss a little bit of history; a description of how the process works and a demonstration of decorating pots with clay paste prior to a lustre firing.