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Talks and Demos

Our Talks and Demos will be taking place in The Richard Godfrey marquee, which is located at the top of the show ground next to the Lucie Rie marquee.

Fri, 19th August 2022

11am: Richard Baxter

11am: Richard Baxter - Don't do this!

Richard will be giving a demonstration of a selection of techniques and tips that he has developed over 40 years which he considers to be unusual, clever, and time-saving.


12.30pm: Kate Windibank

12.30pm: Kate Windibank - Beyond the surface

Kate will take us on an journey through her ceramic practice, exploring her passion for creating forms and surfaces that are designed to interact with light.

A fascination which began during her previous career as a film vfx artist and which has been a driving force in the development of her sculptural ceramic vessels


2pm: Richard Heeley

2pm: Richard Heeley - A Sense of Place

How 5 years in at  Hempmill Pottery & Cookery School, has shaped Richard’s working practice.

Richard will discuss kiln design and development, wood firing on his own timber, and the new kitchen range using wild clay.


3.30pm: Craig Underhill

3.30pm: Craig Underhill - Walking & Looking

An illustrated talk about the people and places that have influenced me. And a review of how my work has developed over the last 30 years.


Sat, 20th August 2022

11am: Philip Hardaker

11am: Philip Hardaker - Stoke-on-Trent is still the centre of our ceramic universe

Philip will discuss his past 40 years within Stoke-on-Trent and how it shapes his work.


12.30pm: Clay! Everything you need to know!

12.30pm: Clay! Everything you need to know!

Clay! Everything you need to know! is a session that is being put together by the Valentine Clays team and led by Alan & Hannah with the support of Technical Manager Mark.

Its aimed to be an opportunity to discuss the wonderful world of clay with a chance to ask the questions that you never get chance to.


2pm: Jon Barrett-Danes

2pm: Jon Barrett-Danes - My sculptural journey – techniques and experiences

Jon Barrett-Danes will showcase his modelling techniques when creating his popular farmyard animals as well as discussing his extensive knowledge and ceramic journey.


3.30pm: Jacob Chan

3.30pm: Jacob Chan

My cultural & heritage Journey.

The young Wirral based ceramic artist will discuss his cultural and heritage journey which is demonstrated in his work that highlights his blend of traditional chinese heritage and Liverpool upbringing. Jacob is also renowned as a contestant on Channel 4 TV show ‘The Great Pottery Throwdown’, as well as a joint exhibition with Emma Rodgers at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool in 2020/2021.

Jacob will be demonstrating his practice and what he has learnt during this journey.


Sun, 21st August 2022

11am: Alex Shimwell

11am: Alex Shimwell - From then to now!

Alex will take you through his ceramic journey and the skills and techniques that he learnt along the way that now bring his work to life.


12.30pm: Hiro Takahashi

12.30pm: Hiro Takahashi - Story of my life, how I started to make Soul House

Hiro intends to dig up her history and background to tell a strange story of how she ended up finding clay in the UK.


2.00pm: Clare Wood

2.00pm: Clare Wood - British Ceramics Biennial

British Ceramics Biennial – some history, highlights and a few surprises

As the British Ceramics Biennial heads towards its eighth festival in autumn 2023, Clare Wood, BCB Artistic Director and Chief Executive, talks about some of the festival’s successes and challenges and shares insights into the activities that go on away from the festival spotlight