AIC Online – Talks & Demonstrations

Welcome to Art in Clay Online demonstrations and talks, this section of the website is dedicated to exhibitors that would have been present at this year’s show and is an alternative to the physical Richard Godfrey Marquee.

This page will be updated over coming the coming week with additional footage so keep checking back 🙂

Alex Shimwell

Throwing Demonstration

Alex demonstrates how he creates his new work which is inspired by the landscape that he grew up on.

Freya Bramble-Carter

Throwing Demonstration

Freya demonstrates how to throw a coil pot Greyson Perry style.

Richard Baxter

Work discussion

Richard discusses his work and inspirations.

Steve Booton

Throwing Demonstration

Steve demonstrates how to throw faceted caddies.

Mel Chambers

Hand carving

Mel demonstrates the process of hand carving free hand into wet clay.

Doug Fitch & Hannah McAndrew

Decorating Techniques

This video produced by Ceramic Review showcases the various decorating techniques that both Hannah & Doug use.

Geoffrey Swindell

Throwing Demonstration

Geoffrey shows you how to make a mini porcelain pot.

Jess Jordan

Decorating Techniques

Jess demonstrates decorating a clay slab with slips and underglazes.

Sharon Massey

Decorating Techniques

Sharon demonstrates how to apply layers of slips, engobes and oxides to a clay sculpture

Tessa Wolfe Murray

Firing Demonstration

Tessa showcases sawdust firing in a baby bath. A sawdust firing developed especially for highfired slabbuilt internally glazed vessels that would not survive the traditional process.

Wied Heyning


Wied demonstrates the making of porcelain lighting object.